Parallel link actuator

paraMotion is an easy-to-use, actuator-like low-cost parallel link rather than a robot.
Because it is small and lightweight, it can be used immediately on the desk as a work platform.
It is easy to operate with direct teaching and touch panel (option).
It is useful for such applications like the assembly equipment, inspection equipment, soldering, screw fastening devices, test equipment and pick-and-place.


paraMotion PRM100 (Exhibition video) (YouTube with voice)
paraMotion PRM200 (Exhibition video) (YouTube with voice)


The concept is "For anyone".

1. Anyone can set.

paraMotion setting
You do not need to receive a special operation education to do the teaching of paraMotion.
Anyone can easily perform teaching work.
This makes it possible to construct a system responsive to changes in the production status.

2. Anyone can teach.

paraMotion ティーチング
It can be operated with PC or even with touch panel (option).
Once you have completed the teaching, anyone can easily operate the paraMotion with screen operation.

3. Anyone can auto calibrate.

paraMotion オートキャリブレーション
As for the machine to be used for many years, such as the accuracy maintenance and the smooth operation become difficult due to aging.
Even if there is a change in the usage environment due to parts replacement and aging, because paraMotion is equipped with automatic calibration function, anyone can easily adjust and use in an optimum state.


 Mechanical specifications

Models PRM-100 PRM-200
Numbers of axes 3 (Optional 4 axes)
Load capacity (including hand section) [kg] 1.0 1.5
Operating range ϕD[mm] 200 250
Z[mm] 60 (max)
R[°] 360 (Option)
Dimensions [mm] H 451.8 504.4
D 500.0 560.0
W 434.4 486.5
Repeat positioning accuracy [mm] ±0.05
Robot hand Prepared by customers
Camera equipment Prepared by customers
Robot body frame Option
Body weight [kg] 16.7 / 27.0 (With frame) 19.8 / 32.0 (With frame)
* The contents of this specification are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.

 Control specifications

Power-supply voltage 1φ AC100-240V  50/60Hz
Maximum control number of Axes [Axis] 4 (3-axis for standard)
Position teaching method Direct teaching, JOG teaching, multi-touch teaching
Control function Palletizing, tracking (at the time of image processing option),
Homing, interrupt control, conditional branching, etc.
Toch panel 5.7-inch touch panel (option)
Application temperature and humidity 5 to 45 ℃ (operation), -10 to 60 ℃ (storage), 90% RH or less (non-condensing)
* The contents of this specification are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.

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